Hampton is a private community that hosts intimate peer groups for startup founders and CEOs

Like business group therapy with 8 other founders who have similar traction as you.

A place to safely talk about your founder experience, ask embarrassing questions, and learn from  others who actually understand what you’re going through.

Monthly private Core group

The cornerstone of the Hampton. Members are placed into 8-person core groups that meet monthly, facilitated by an executive coach.

Like executive coaching on steroids meets business group therapy.

Meetings are virtual, monthly, and 2-3 hours long.

Core groups are formed by traction (revenue, users, funding, employee count) and ambition.

Our members are internet or tech-enabled startups. And they come from virtually every industry and business model. VC-backed, bootstrapped. SaaS, consumer tech, hardware, CPG, real estate. Everything.

Your core group will have a variety of industries represented so you get diverse, unique ideas. Your peers have similar-sized businesses.

Your peers will also have similar goals. Want to IPO or sell for $500m? Or 25% a year growth and use your cash flow to invest in other assets? Your peers will be similar.

Each member is thoroughly interviewed and vetted to make sure they are a perfect fit.

Your 8-person core group will be the most important people you meet this decade.

Exclusive community access

Members get access to a Hampton-wide private, and wildly engaged, online community.

A place to discuss startups, money, and personal topics. Topics that are odd to talk about with non-founders.

Recommendations for lawyers, accountants, M&A advice, or hiring (and firing) best practices.

Like a private Twitter for vetted founders with big businesses, all sworn to confidentiality.

Hampton has hundreds of members. If you read tech or business news then you’ve likely read about the founders who are part of Hampton.

It’s guaranteed a fellow Hampton member has already been there and overcome it.

Fireside chats

Hampton regularly hosts live (both virtual and in person) interviews and speaker sessions with hard-to-reach founders and experts.

Like a live podcast, except you can get your questions answered.

In real life events

Your monthly meeting is virtual on purpose: convenience and access to others outside your city.

But in real life interaction is still necessary. That’s why we host dozens of local events for members. Dinners, experiences, group retreats, and annual summits.

Hampton organizes events in many major cities so members can meet one another. We also help members organize their own events for the community.


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Increase those margins!

Vetted and private

Every Hampton applicant is interviewed, vetted, and researched before they’re invited.

Members must have at least $1m in revenue, previously sold a startup, or have other significant traction.

Members range from new and fast growing startups to later stage companies. Your core group will have similar sized businesses as you.

Hamponites typically own internet or tech enabled companies.

You inherited 15-apartment buildings in Florida. Awesome! But you likely won’t be a fit in Hampton unless you’ve founded an internet or tech enabled startup.

A vault

Confidentiality at Hampton is always and forever. Members sign a code of conduct and confidentiality pledge. If violated, members are removed without a refund and banned.

Hamptonites are a vault!


Candidate requirements

  • Fast growing tech-enabled startups

  • Min $1 million per year to over $250 million per year in revenue

  • Or raised at least $3 million

  • Or previously sold a startup for at least $5 million

  • Located in US and Canada (exceptions made for UK and Mexico)